Famous Footballers’ Boots

There have been numerous football boot brands and models over the years, each trying to publicise its edge over the others. Then, as football became more and more part of showbiz, boot brands started seeking association with famous footballers.

The practice has caught on so much, that many people today buy boots without regard for their performance, but for the simple fact that they are worn by their favourite footballer. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Usually, brands such as Nike and Adidas try to come up with shoes which help their athletes to perform at optimum levels. By picking your favourite footballer’s brand, therefore, you get the same perks by extension.

Famous Footballers’ Boot Endorsements

  • Retro Puma: Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona was an icon on the football pitch and a complete clown off it. The talented minion had magic feet, which led Argentina to football World Cup glory, and he was great at club level too. All this while Maradona wore retro Pumas. He made the boot so famous that it is still in demand to date.

  • Trinity Firm Ground: Pele

Pele is often mentioned in the debate about best world footballers, with several accolades to back his case. Pele wore the Puma Trinity FG as he led Brazil to the1970 World Cup, setting the standard for a long series of fashionable Puma boots.

  • Nike Predators: David Beckham

David Beckham is among the modern day legends of the game. He popularised the Predators, one of a series of Nike boots, with his signature free kicks and crosses.

  • Adidas Nemeziz: Lionel Messi

The little Barcelona and Argentinian magician has been monumental for the Adidas brand. The company continually improves the Nemeziz to keep the footwork master in top performance mode.

  • Nike Tiempos: Ronaldinho

Nike takes the shoe business seriously and is always looking out for the best athletes to partner with. They worked well with Ronaldinho when he was on top of the world, kitting him out with the Tiempos as he conquered the world with his skill.

  • Nike Mercurials: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano is a darling of marketers worldwide. Besides being immensely talented, the winger is always working on his image, and this is a blessing for all companies which get a chance to work with him. Nike has especially been keen to develop the Mercurial Superfly series for the Portuguese player. In 2018/19, he wore the Superfly XI as he switched his trade from Madrid to Juventus.

Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappe, who play for PSG, appear to be the next brand of superstars for Nike. Mbappe, a World Cup champion with France at just 20, wears the same boots as his childhood legend Cristiano Ronaldo, while Neymar wears the Nike Superfly Vapor III.

Adidas’ Copa Mundial, designed for the 1982 World Cup, is one boot which has consistently remained popular despite not having direct branding. It has been worn by the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard.