Why Nicotine Pouches are Becoming Popular in Football

If you find yourself in football scenes often, you must have realised a new trend among football enthusiasts: nicotine pouches. For starters, nicotine pouches are small pouches filled with nicotine and other ingredients, including flavours.

Nicotine pouches are popular in the football scene. Footballers, coaches, and fans alike enjoy nicotine pouches, which are readily available on many Snus UK online stores, including Northerner. Nicotine pouches are also affordable, and many sites offer fantastic discounts and promotions from time to time.

So, what is fuelling the popularity of nicotine pouches? Why are many smokers opting for Snus?

Alternative to Smoking

For starters, nicotine pouches are considered an alternative to smoking. If you are attending a football match and don’t want to bother other fans with cigarette smoke, you can opt for nicotine pouches. Nordic Spirit, VID, Helwit, Velo and the rest will kill that urge to smoke just like cigarettes.

Get High On the Low

Another reason nicotine pouches are popular is that you can use them discreetly. You see, with nicotine pouches, there’s no smoke involved. Just place the pouch between your upper or lower lip and the gum, and you will start feeling the kick in no time. Interestingly, nicotine pouches are flavoured and come in a variety of flavours, including mint, strawberry, lemon, orange, you name it. Unlike cigarettes that leave you with a foul mouth odour, you can confidently cheer your team in a Champions League match without worrying about who’s next to you.


Last, nicotine pouches are readily available. In the past, it was hard to find Snus UK retailers, but with online shopping, you can order your favourite brand and have your tin delivered to your convenient location, be it in the office or at the entrance of the stadium just before kickoff.